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Herbie's 50 Year Anniversary In Florida

March 15-17, 2019
Places To Stay...

This is a tough one to answer since rooms are at a premium this time of year.  Everyone would like to stay at the same hotel if possible and a number of you have indicated you would like to stay on Disney property such as the Disney's All-Star Movies Resort.  The main problem here is that it is too late to reserve a block of rooms even if we had everyone's commitment and money.  So the only other option is to make individual reservations as quickly as possible since they fill up quickly.  This is one of Disney's least expensive hotels but by checking the current prices, they are running around $200/night.  This is pretty pricey for many of us so there are other alternatives.

We have personally used The Seralago Hotel & Suites which is located in Kissimmee Florida just a couple of miles from Disney and right next to Old Town.  It's not the Ritz, but we have personally stayed there several times while carrying out our annual Jingle Bugs Rock show for charity and was never disappointed.  They are very family friendly, have a variety of rooms for singles and families, and we found them to be very clean.  Their rates currently are around $85/night and I believe we may be able to get some type of discount with them as a group.  Again, rooms this time of year are at a premium so we are going to have to decide quickly and make reservations if we want to save some money.

Of course, there are plenty of rental homes in the Disney area within 25-30 minutes drive.  You can research these online and we will be contacting one of our contacts to see what they may have available.  Some individuals have expressed an interest in sharing a home for the week.  This would be a great way to go and I'm sure would save you some money.  If you are interested in doing something along this line, I would suggest that you post it on our Facebook page and see who else might be interested.

Of course, no matter where you might stay, we will always be able to meet at a common location before we start our activities for the day even if it is over breakfast.  If you want to check out the current prices for hotels in the area, simply go to Google Maps and plug in Walt Disney World and then look at Hotels near that location.  Some of the larger, more modern hotels just at the entrance of Disney are a little more reasonable and have easy access to the parks.