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Herbie's 50 Year Anniversary In Florida

March 15-17, 2019
Who Is Coming...

So far, we have people from around the country and even from New Zealand and Belgium who have expressed an interest in coming.  Of course plans change, but so far, as of May 24, 2018, we have 38 cars and 112 individuals who plan on coming.  I know of many others who are considering it as well, but it is still early in the year to make commitments.  In addition, the West Coast will surely have something going on as well which may make it easier for those in the Mid West, however, Florida has a lot to offer.

We have told everyone that we would not make their information public and for that reason, we are not releasing names and locations as of this time.  Of course, you can again use Facebook to put out calls for caravans, etc., and if they choose to respond, they will do so.  Don't get discouraged however if they don't respond immediately. Everyone is extremely busy now-a-days and planning has just begun.

At some point, with your permission, we will be trying to match up individuals in similar locations.  However, for now, use the map below to get an idea of others who are planning on attending in your area.  Start thinking now about how a caravan might work for you and how you are going to make the trek...